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Saints' Match Admission/Voucher Arrangements

Tue, 22nd Mar 2005 12:00am

All fans who hold £5 vouchers from the Falkirk cup tie, due to be used at the original match with St. Johnstone on 29 January, should note that tonight's re-scheduled match with Saints will be the last opportunity to use them for admission price purposes.

Parent and up to two children: £18
Adults: £14
Concessions (Senior Citizens and Students): £7*
Boys and Girls Under 18: £5

*Aged sixty-five is the starting point for the "Senior Citizens" category.
*Students must produce a valid matriculation card

For those matches where the Main (East) Stand is occupied by both home and visiting fans (e.g. St. Johnstone on 22 March 2005) as well as Clyde supporters, two of the six turnstiles will be allocated specifically for visiting fans as follows:

Gate A - Cash only