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Thanks For All Your Help – Robert Hannah

“Just fantastic!”. That’s the verdict of Robert Hannah, Clyde‘s General Manager, to the response by supporters to the Club’s appeal for volunteers to clear the pitch yesterday morning. “We had nearly thirty people here early on a Sunday morning. It speaks volumes for them and their devotion to Clyde. It’s been the same story for the last two to three weeks. Whenever we’ve asked for help, we’ve been given it. I’d like to thank each and every supporter for their much appreciated assistance.”

Robert’s comments about commitment and teamwork are totally in line with part of John Taylor’s editorial in the Clyde View yesterday which is well worth repeating here:

“Outside the playing and coaching staff, Clyde has the full-time equivalent of three employees to cover Administration, Commercial and Stadium Operations. Additional support is provided by volunteers largely on match days.

“A hard core support of 850 occupy a stadium with a capacity almost ten times that number in a town of over 50,000. Throw in the relative apathy of the press and media and it’s not hard to see where our “unfashionable” label comes from.

“Given that pedigree, and our financial difficulties, the efforts of everyone connected with the club has been nothing short of immense.

“As things stand, we could achieve our third consecutive runners-up spot in the First Division come May and we’ve certainly earned the right to play in today’s Scottish Cup quarter final tie.

“In hosting Celtic today, Clyde FC has demonstrated an unparalleled sense of unity through every single individual connected with this proud club. We have nothing to prove today. We have already delivered beyond all reasonable expectations.

Yesterday’s result, and the margin of the defeat, may have ultimately been disappointing to all those connected with Clyde Football Club but in many other respects it was a great day for Clyde. The unity of purpose referred to by John Taylor is there for all to see. It can only bode well for the future.