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Stephanie Sponsors Simon

Sun, 7th Nov 2004 12:00am
Simon Mensing is pictured here with his young sister Stephanie. The reason? Stephanie is sponsoring Simon for one of the new player profile pages which will be going live on the Clyde website on 1 December.
The feature has already proved extremely popular. Children (or their parents!) can sponsor a player for just £10. For that they get their name and photograph next to the name of their favourite player and it will remain on the site until 1 August 2005. Adults can also sponsor a player in this way for a fee of only £20.
In addition to most of the first team squad being snapped up, it's pleasing to note that Manager Billy Reid and Kitman Bill Munro have also been sponsored.
Only three first team squad players are still available:
Assistant manager Stuart Balmer
First team coach Gary Bollan
Aaron Conway
In addition, five of our promising young players remain to be linked:
Paul Flaherty
Robert Harris
Graeme McCracken
John Paul McKeever
David McNaught

This sponsorship opportunity has been devised in the hope that it is affordable to most Clyde supporters. With just eight players left, it seems to have met that objective.

Anyone interested in becoming one of the last eight sponsors should e-mail Bob McPherson on [email protected] with their name and the name of the player they wish to sponsor.