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New Website Sponsors Confirmed

Clyde, in common with every other football club in Scotland, continually monitors every penny of expenditure. Naturally, the cost of maintaining and ultimately developing the official website is not exempt from this scrutiny.

Fortunately, the website also has a potential income side and with that in mind we are delighted to announce that the Cumbernauld Theatre will be using the existing ticker news facility to update Clyde site regulars and occasional visitors with news of the varied programme of events produced by the Theatre.

Those website users who are regular Forum readers and correspondents will soon note a banner advert linking the Forum opening page to the “Let’s Have A Bet” website.

Clyde is grateful to both the Cumbernauld Theatre and Let’s Have A Bet for their sponsorship of the website. More companies are expected to follow suit in the not too distant future and these will be brought to your attention as they sign up with Clyde.