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Clyde Board Continues To Evolve

The Board of Clyde Football Club continues to evolve, as specific roles are identified and allocated. The latest addition to the Board is Bob McPherson, who takes over responsibility for Operations.
The job will include wage negotiations, contracts, dealing with players agents, coordinating match day activities, customer service, children and coach protection issues, compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and the various demands of the S.F.A.’s National Club Licensing programme.
“I’m delighted to have been asked to serve,” Bob said after his appointment was confirmed at last night’s Board meeting. “I’ve stated often enough in the past that my prime interest is in making Clyde as efficient a club as it can be. I know from attending Board meetings over the last few months that the rest of the new Board share that objective. I’m just grateful to have been given the opportunity to make a contribution.”