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Reid All About The Saints' Match

Sat, 4th Sep 2004 12:00am

Manager Billy Reid talked to the website's Cammy Macdonald after yesterday's goal-less darw with St. Mirren.

"I think a share of the spoils was a fair reflection of the game. I don't think it was much of a spectacle, but unfortunately sometimes that's the way it is in football. But it was good to keep another clean sheet and we are still top of the league so that's the way I will look at it.

"We changed the formation early on after seeing how St. Mirren set up. Their wide men were getting on the ball and we went three up front to combat that and it worked. I think over the piece we possibly had the more goal chances but they came closest to scoring so all in all I have no real complaints.

"We are not really looking at it being important being top of the league at the moment. But I am happy with the players I have brought to the Club and we just have to try to keep it going.

"It was disappointing that Craig Bryson had to go off at half time after taking a knock. For a young lad of only seventee he has been fantastic for us so far this season.

"We knew it would be physical today as Andy Millen would make sure they would be up for the game. He is an old friend of mine, an old warhorse, and today there were tackles flying in. That's Scottish football at times. It may not be pretty but you have to be able to stand up to it and grind out a result.

"We are still unbeaten and that's five clean sheets in a row. Defensively we are looking very solid.

"I think there was contact for the penalty. He may have gone down easily but there was definitely a nudge in the back and if that happens then you are looking for your players to go down in the box. On a different day another referee may have given it, but I think the booking was very harsh. But I thought the referee did well today and have no complaints at all.

"I was happy with Malone on his debut. He is a player I have looked at over the last few weeks and will be another good addition to the squad. With two defenders out today we had to adjust, then Scott Wilson picks up a hamstring injury and we have to change it again.

"Kerkar played two games and ten minutes for us this season. However we have played seven games this season so we have won matches without him. But he is a tremendous talent and would have lit up a game like today. But whilst my front men perhaps didn't do it today, on the whole I am happy with them.