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Clyde'S Cult Heroes

Mon, 2nd Aug 2004 12:00am

The BBC's "Football Focus" is launching a new feature for the coming season. It's called Cult Heroes and they would like you to participate.

Who are Clyde's cult heroes? Can you come up with three players who had that something special - whether it was cheeky charisma, a player who made the crowd buzz or just his sartorial style.

These players won't necessarily be your all-time greats but the ones you remember with a smile.

Since the BBC's request was first intimated by Clyde on Saturday, via Bully Wee-mail No. 7, we've had nominations stretching from Jimmy Hickie in the 1930s through Harry Hood (pictured), Neilly Hood (pictured below) and right up to date with Pat Keogh.

Please send your three nomination for Clyde's greatest cult hero to: [email protected] or by mail to Bob McPherson at the Clyde Admin. Office.

Once the BBC has received the Clyde short-list (drawn from your responses) they'll highlight it on one of the Focus programmes - 12.10 on Saturdays on BBC 1 - and ask for a national vote on their website that week. Clyde's winner will be announced on the next Focus.

So please send Clyde your cult hero top three as soon as possible and tell us why you've chosen them. The best explanations will be featured here on the website and in the Bully Wee-mail and could well be passed on to the BBC!