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Help The Trust Get The Answers

Clyde Supporters’ Trust want you to come to their census!

The CST will be soon be out on the streets meeting the good people of the Cumbernauld area but before that happens, a meeting of those who are interested in helping the Trust carry out this important fact-finding work is being held on Monday 5 July at Broadwood Stadium.

The Trust require a good turnout on Monday night to ensure there is a sizeable number of Clyde supporters out on the streets asking the questions – the more of the general public who are consulted, the more accurate the picture which emerges.

In the words of the Trust: “It’s time to stop guessing what the problems are with local support (or lack of) and get out there and find out for ourselves! Ambivalence can be addressed if we listen to the gripes; apathy can be countered too: they’re just folk waiting to be invited to the party!”

The Trust also spells out the approach which will be needed: “We are not going out to challenge people’s opinions or get drawn into arguments – just to ask pertinent questions and record the answers. Remember, we can’t sell to people until we know what they want to buy or why they won’t do so. Also, if people can share club loyalties with the national team then equally they can share “own club” and “local club”.”

If you are interested in helping the Trust in this vital activity please contact the CST by:
Post – 84 Hamilton Road, Motherwell ML1 3BY
by handing it into the Clyde F.C. Admin. Office at Broadwood Stadium, clearly marked ‘Clyde Supporters’ Trust’.
Phone – 07950 912218 – just leave a message.

Please let the Trust know that you can attend on Monday night or, alternatively, that you will be available to give two or three evenings or weekend days when the Trust begins the census (probably the week after next but it may commence next weekend (9/10/11 July)

The Trust needs help from all its members, and other Clyde fans too, to set aside some time to gather the information and then, equally importantly, to go over the responses, identify the answers…then ACT on them!

The Trust have confirmed that transport will be organised for anyone that needs it.