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2004-05 Admission Prices And Season Ticket Package

Sun, 18th Jul 2004 12:00am

Pay-at-the-gate admission prices for the 2004-05 season are as follows:
Parent and up to two children: £18
Adults: £14
Concessions (Senior Citizens and Students): £7
Boys and Girls Under 18: £5

At the same time, it has been decided to slightly amend the season ticket package for 2004-05.

In addition to the eighteen SFL First Division fixtures, and the friendly match against Macclesfield Town on 21 July, all season ticket books will be valid for the first home ties in the Bells Cup and the CIS Cup.

This means that, even excluding the Macclesfield match, a Clyde season ticket is likely to cover up to twenty matches during 2004-05.

Season Tickets are priced as follows:
Adults: £260
Concessions(Senior Citizens and Students): £130
Under 18 (as at 1/8/04) £60
Under 12 (as at 1/8/04) £30

Under 12s save a fantastic £70 on twenty games if they buy a season ticket - it means after the first six games, every other match is FREE!

Under 18s can save up to £40, Adults up to £20 and "Concessions" up to £10 if they buy a season ticket, whilst it should be remembered that all season ticket holders can avail themselves of free parking - a further saving of up to £40.

Clyde Football Club has been delighted with the response shown so far to this year's season ticket package. The Club believes the Under 12 season ticket once gain offers unbeatable value and urges all supporters to bring this offer
to the widest possible audience.

In the meantime, if you haven't yet bought your "season", please don't delay. Buying any of the range of Clyde season tickets remains the best possible way of backing Billy and his boys in the coming season.