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Supporters' Match Fundraiser

By Gordon Nisbet
Mon, 10th May 2004 12:00am

Billed as a "Field of Dreams" experience this Supporters' Trust fundraiser took place less than 24 hours after Saturday's nightmare, which most of the participants witnessed.

However the fundraiser, once again well organised by Stevie Morton, was played in a more relaxed and gentile spirit than Broadwood has been accustomed to of late. Ex-Clyde heroes, Brian Ahern, John McVeigh, Keith Knox and Iain Spittal all gave their time and energy to participate in the match.

Although teams were selected blindly regards ability, size and stature it was alas a bit of a one sided match (howls of understatement, I hear) with the Reds winning by the handsome margin of 18-1. (See, when you play for McVeigh there is no let up!!).

Scoreline apart, there were some fine pieces of play and some neat goals from the Reds. Even on the odd occasion when the Whites threatened, Reds keeper Peters was pretty sound, only to be beaten once by late substitute Ian Roberts.

As stated the game was played in good spirit and both teams should be applauded for their contributions, especially given the previous day's massive disappointment.

The Man of the Match awards were presented to Whites' keeper Gordon McLaren, (who DID keep the score down) and to the Reds' "engine" Adam Motherwell.

The Supporters' Trust would like to thank the aforementioned former Clyde players, both sets of players, Bill Munro, John Woods, Peter Eadie, Broadwood Stadium staff, SFA match Officials, the attending first aiders and the fans in the stand who helped make it a decent occasion.