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Clyde V St.Johnstone Preview

Barring John Potter, Alan Kernaghan has everyone available for selection for tomorrow’s important match at home to Billy Stark’s St.Johnstone.

Speaking today, the manager said:-

“It’s going to be a tough game. There’s been a lot said in the press this week about various things but the stadium issues shouldn’t affect the players. It’s got nothing to do with them and nothing that they say, think or do will have any effect on the situation.

“It’s something that’s got to be sorted as soon as possible.

“St.Johnstone were the last team to beat us in the league but I don’t think retribution comes into it at all. We have to be professional about our business.

“We have two games to play before Inverness play again so there’s a real chance for us to open a gap before we go up their.”