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Clyde A V A Dunfermline

Sat, 7th Feb 2004 12:00am

Today's match was abandoned by referee Charlie Richmond after 57 minutes due to snow. The tie will be replayed on the 24th February at Broadwood, with the kick-off time and admission prices still to be agreed by both clubs.

After the premature final whistle, Alan Kernaghan said:-

"The players couldn't see much and were finding it hard to control the ball so from a players' safety point of view it was the correct decision.

"The referee came over during the game and said he was giving it three minutes but things didn't get any better. He then said he would leave it another 5 minutes with the players in the dressing room and then told us it was abandoned.

"We were poor in the first half and lucky to come in only two behind. We had a lot of people at the back doing nothing yet they were still able to come through us. Jimmy and Jack had a lot of ground to cover against three men and our front two didn't look like causing them any problems. We started the second half a lot better but whether or not we would have got back into it I don't know.

"We now get another chance at it and when you're 1-2 down you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. We're looking forward to it."

Pars' boss Jimmy Calderwood added:-

"Unfortunately the referee had no choice, it was the correct decision."
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