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Reid Asks For Fans’ Backing

Following last night’s win over Inverness, Assistant Manager Billy Reid has asked the support to show more patience and give the team their full backing in the coming weeks. He said:-

“I can understand the fans’ frustration that we are maybe not playing as well as they hope, but the players hear what’s going on and it affects some of them.

“This club has come a long way in the last couple of years and we’re now challenging to get into the Premierleague. Whether we get there or not is another thing, but I just think if the fans got behind the team more it would help every player in that dressing room.

“Some players can take it, but it affects others – and they are the ones that are struggling at the moment. I feel strongly about that.

“We need the fans and everybody to pull together, and we might not be too far away. We haven’t played anywhere near the way we can and we’re sitting two points of the top of the table. Tonight for instance, it wasn’t the best but we have made 4 or 5 good chances and we saw 11 guys willing to go out and do it for each other.

“When we go away from home the support is great and the players know that, but at home when things don’t go so well early on the fans tend to get on top of players and, for me, it’s having a negative effect.

“If the fans stay with us and try to believe in what we’re doing, it would be a massive boost.”
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