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Best Ever Clyde Team 2003 - Central Midfielders #2

Mon, 15th Sep 2003 12:00am

Over the summer and autumn, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Clyde FC, an official "Best Clyde Team in Living Memory" poll will be conducted on the website to try and conclude that eternal Saturday lunchtime debate - who really was the best in each position?

Every week, Website Members will have the chance to vote (via the 'Latest Poll' feature) for their favourite Clyde star in a different position from a shortlist selected by a special panel of judges. Current players will tend to be avoided regardless of ability (to avoid distorted voting), and older fans - make sure you vote, you are the experts!! As always, voting is completely anonymous.

George Herd was the eventual winner of the first central midfielders vote, which was the closest yet. Just beaten was Harry Hood, and close behind were Danny McGrain and Dom Sullivan. You can see the results by clicking here, or by clicking on 'Latest Poll' and viewing the past results.


Tommy McCulloch

Ross McFarlane Brian Ahern Ian Spittal Harry Haddock

Pat Nevin George Herd Unknown Unknown

Unknown Unknown

SUBS: Unknown, Derek Atkins (GK), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.

The second central midfielders' vote is now active, featuring some more recent Clyde stars of the past. Click on the "Latest Poll" link (on the left navbar) to view the shortlist and pick your favourite! Voting ends Friday at midnight.