Supporters' Trust Launch Update

By Alan Henderson
Tue, 19th Aug 2003 12:00am

By now we hope that everyone is aware that the Clyde Supporters' Trust is having its official launch on Thursday 4th September at Broadwood. We have sent out a large number of invitations and membership forms but if you failed to receive one and want to join then contact this address for details and one will be forwarded to you ([email protected]).

We're happy to report an encouraging response to our invitation to join the Clyde Supporters' Trust. Although we still haven't officially launched yet many fans have taken the opportunity to sign up early and give us their views on what the Trust could be doing for Clyde FC. It's notable that already three main themes are emerging: funding youth football, assisting the club shop and raising the profile of Clyde FC within the local community.

The structure of the launch meeting is being finalised but speakers will include Dougie Donnelly and Clyde Captain Jack Ross, in addition to members of the committee. We are hoping for an enjoyable night and to that end we've laid on a bar and buffet for sustenance. There will also be a raffle and auction featuring Clyde collectables, bottles, sports leisure wear and alike.

We want you to come along and enjoy the presentation and join the Trust if you haven't already. It's a chance for you, the fans, to help shape the future of Clyde FC.

- Alan Henderson