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Award For Cv

Wed, 2nd Jul 2003 12:00am

The club's award winning matchday programme, The Clyde View, has received another end of season boost by claiming top Scottish spot in this years coveted Wirral Programme Club survey.

Clyde were also awarded a superb 8th place in the overall UK rankings.

Every programme was judged in each of the following areas:- cover design and details, page size, team layout and position within the programme, price, printing and paper quality, content, value for money and variety.

The national top 20 reads as follows:-

1. Crystal Palace (278 points)
2. Exeter (276)
3. Bristol Rovers (264)
4. Norwich City (251)
5. Kidderminster (245)
6. Leicester (244)
7. WBA (243)
8. Burnley, CLYDE (242)
10. West Ham (239)
11. Charlton, Ipswich (236)
13. Fulham, Watford (233)
15. Birmingham (232)
16. Newcastle (231)
17. Wycombe (227)
18. Stockport, Southend (225)
20. Manchester City, Sheffield W (224)

To emphasise the level of Clyde's achievement, the next best placed Scottish club, Hearts, finished 42nd on 205 points.