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Supporters’ Trust Making Progress

Following the recent Open Public Meeting, the Bully Wee fans who volunteered to be on an interim committee are close to forming your Clyde Supporters’ Trust that will enable all supporters to work together to raise funds for the benefit of the club.

The legal process to establish the trust is underway and should be completed next month. Representatives from the committee also attended a highly beneficial seminar on fund raising in Dundee, hosted by Supporters Direct Scotland.

The volunteer committee is: Alan Henderson (chairman) Gordon Nisbet (treasurer), John Alexander, Graham Forrest, Stan Mallinson, Cammy Macdonald, Fred McKenna, Stevie Morton, Ian Roberts and Brian Spoors (secretary).

Supporters of several clubs in Scotland have already set up supporters’ trusts which are fully registered non-profit making companies, to help and promote their football clubs in their communities.

More about the Clyde trust will be available on the website soon. Meanwhile, why not send your ideas on how a supporters’ trust could help the Bully Wee to the message boards or to