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Supporters’ Trust Report

The Opening Public Meeting for the proposed Clyde Supporters’ Trust was held at Broadwood on Thursday 27th March, and it proved to be a very positive event. Below is a report on the evening for anyone that couldn’t make it along…

Nearly 70 fans attended the meeting, including club Directors Gerry Dunn and John Taylor. At the top table were James Proctor (Caseworker, Supporters Direct Scotland), and Clyde fans Cameron Macdonald (who started the Trust movement) and Alan Henderson (chairing the meeting).

Alan Henderson opened the meeting and thanked everyone in attendance. He emphasised the fact that this was the very start of the process to form a Supporters’ Trust, and anything that had taken place before it was simply a necessity to get this meeting organised.

James Proctor was then introduced, and proceeded to give a detailed background on Supporters’ Trusts and explain exactly what they are, as summarised below