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Kids’ Club Disappointment

This evening’s trip to Falkirk for the Kids Clubs proved to be a let down, and it was nothing to do with the team’s performance on the park. It had been planned that almost 20 children and 6 adults would attend this evening’s match at Brockville. However the late withdrawal of almost half the children within the half hour prior to departure, meant that on arrival at Falkirk the staff there felt that there was a disproportionate number of children to adults.

Understandably, the staff at Brockville felt that only a percentage of the adults should receive admittance as part of the party. This was beyond the control of Clyde Kids and we can only offer our apologies to those adults who were inconvenienced. As stated on the return journey, you will be reimbursed for any additional costs met by yourselves to achieve admittance to the ground.

The children who did attend had a wonderful time and enjoyed having the chance to take part in a kick about on the park at half time. Young Falkirk fielded two strong sides and ran out eventual winners in both games. Our thanks to Tom Elliot of Falkirk for arranging the half time activities.

Cameron Macdonald