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Dutch Cracks' Friendly Offer

By Jim Strathdee
Mon, 6th Jan 2003 12:00am
As already reported, Clyde's under-14s youth team have been invited to one of the top tournaments in Holland this Easter, and have now arranged to play a friendly against top Dutch side FC Den Bosch.

This will be an exciting challenge for the boys, as Dutch youth football is regarded as the one of best in Europe, and will be a good learning experience. Playing against top opposition and a different style can only help the boys develop.

Den Bosch have also invited the players, parents and children to their Friday night game against FC Haarlem as guests of the club. It is an achievement that Clyde FC and Clyde FC Youth Development are being recognised as a progressive club with games of this stature.

- Jim Strathdee, Coach Clyde under-14s.