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Bob Shields Gets Ready For Penalties

Daily Record man Bob Shields spent an hour at the stadium last night, looking for inspiration from Clyde keeper Bryn Halliwell before his stint as goalkeeper at the half-time penalty shoot-out on Saturday.
Bob, recently back in Scotland following his New York marathon escapades, faced several penalties from Clyde’s first team players including Andy Millen, Simon Mensing and Willie Falconer. Despite some brave efforts the big man couldn’t get close to any of them.
Bryn’s advice to Bob for Saturday was to make up his mind which way to dive early on and hope for the best, but Bob reckons his biggest ally will be the influence that the big crowd will have on the spot takers – three supporters from both Clyde and Falkirk.
Clyde are delighted that Bob has accepted their offer to take part on Saturday, and will make a contribution to the Daily Record’s “Save our Kids” campaign in recognition of the big man’s efforts.
Bob expects to preview his exploits in a piece in Thursday or Friday’s Record, as well as giving the game a further plug in his Saturday column.