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&Quot;Keeping The Jersey Warm&Quot; Launch

Wed, 20th Nov 2002 12:00am

Clyde FC's unique initiative "Keeping the Jersey Warm" was launched last night in a packed Westfield Suite at Broadwood Stadium. (click here for details on the project)

To kick-off the evening, David Mackinnon, Gerry Dunn, John Bean and Alan Kernaghan all gave excellent introductory speaches to well over 100 young Clyde players plus parents. Then, the youngsters were split into 4 groups (depending on their playing position) and joined by their first-team equivalents to chat and talk about their game.

The evening was a major success, as highlighted by people from all different levels within the Club...

John Joyce (under-13s coach) - "This idea is spot on. David Mackinnon has got it spot on about getting integration throughout all of Clyde's teams. I went to England when I was 16 and it was tough, as the first-team seemed a million miles away. The kids who are here tonight will go away feeling on a level plane with them. It's excellent."

Jack Ross (Club Captain) - "I think it's a great idea. I read about it on the website recently and was impressed. I'm sure all of the first-team players will give their all to make sure this is a success. Hopefully we'll get a bit of enjoyment out it as well - I'm looking forward to working with the kids from ages 10 right up to apprentice level."

Gary Reid (under-11s player) - "I think it is a good idea and it will probably help me turn into a good player. I like Andy Millen and Paul Kane, they are good players and used to play for good teams so I think I can learn a lot from them."