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Alan Going Nowhere

Tue, 19th Nov 2002 12:00am
Alan Kernaghan tonight confirmed that rumours suggesting he is about to leave Clyde for Perth are nonsense. Talking to the website, he said:-

"As far as I'm concerned there's nothing to say - I'm staying it's as simple as that. I'm more than happy where I am, and I'm probably only a tenth of the way to being a Manager yet."

"Even if I got the chance to go up there it would be a bad move because their Chairman has stated publicly that if they don't go up this year they are going part-time. I don't regard it as a move in the right direction and it's generally a non-starter for me."

The rumours started after St.Johnstone fans chanted Alan's name during their 2-0 defeat at home to Ayr, but he stressed that this doesn't affect him:-

"I was laughing when I read the reports in the papers on Sunday. I've been through too many things in football to let stupid things like that get to me."