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The Clyde View 12Th October 2002

By Clyde F.C.
Fri, 18th Oct 2002 12:00am

The Clyde View, Scotland's leading matchday magazine, regularly receives contributions from individuals who wish to express an opinion on issues relating to football in general or Clyde FC in particular. One such contribution, 'The Last Stand' by James Fitzsimmons, was included in last week's issue. The article was printed without comment on the views expressed in it or on the accuracy of the content.

Clyde Football Club wishes to make it clear that Mr. Fitzsimmon's views are his own and do not represent the position of the club.

Clyde FC enjoys excellent working relationships with both Broadwood Stadium Ltd and North Lanarkshire Council and fully intends to build on these relationships for the development of the club and the benefit of the local community.