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Potter: Sending Off Was Wrong

John Potter today spoke to the website about his sending off at Brockville on Saturday, and is adament that it was the wrong decision. “Harry” feels that both bookings were harsh:-

“I don’t think either of my bookings were deserved, especially the second one. The first was just a tackle that resulted in a niggle on the ground but there was nothing much in it. For the second, I’ve just gone up to head the ball and I went over the top of him. It was no worse than 7 or 8 challenges by John Hughes on Nish but the difference is they played for it. The crowd didn’t help either.”

I asked John about his alleged dissent after the red card had been shown by ref Tom Brown:-

“I was just angry and told the ref I couldn’t believe what he was doing, in no uncertain terms. I regret it now but I got caught in the heat of the moment. He called me over after the game and told me I was being reported. We’ll need to wait until the end of the week to see what the result of it is.”

Despite recent poor results, John thinks that things will change soon:-

“We can definitely turn it around. We really need a win – a solid 1-0 or 2-0 – from somewhere. That could set us off on a run of results that would pull us up the table. We played really well in the first-half on Saturday, and even caused them problems after I went off. We still have two teams to play, but so far I haven’t seen anyone that I think is better than us. A few breaks wouldn’t go amis either.”