High Cross Sponsor The Internet Site

Following hard on the heels of the news that Galcom Computer Services have sponsored the Mailing List comes an announcement that High Cross of Norfolk – suppliers of a wide range of petrol forecourt canopies and other products – have agreed to sponsor every page in Phase One of Clyde’s Official Website – and will nominate the site’s Man of the Match award throughout the season.

High Cross Managing Director Tony Fox, a Norwich City supporter with increasingly strong Bully Wee leanings, is delighted to be involved with Clyde. “I like to think that Norwich are a friendly club but Clyde are in exactly the same category. All the Norwich fans who were in Cumbernauld for the recent friendly spoke most warmly about Clyde and I just love the whole set-up at Broadwood. I think I get keener on Clyde the more often I visit! I am just so pleased that High Cross and Clyde have made this link.”

“We’re always delighted to see Tony at Broadwood, said Commercial Director Gerry Dunn earlier today, “and his action in providing this sponsorship is not only greatly appreciated but is a vindication of our recent investment in the new web site. It proves that the web site can not only keep our supporters in every corner of the globe fully informed about what’s going on at Broadwood but it can make a positive financial contribution to the continued expansion of Clyde.”