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Willie Falconer Interview

New signing Willie Falconer kindly gave the website a quick interview last night, here is what he had to say…

How did your move to Clyde come about? – I played with Alan Kernaghan at Middlesbrough in the early 90’s so I knew him from there. St. Johnstone released a lot of their older boys recently so I was looking for a club for this season. Alan phoned me a couple of weeks ago and we concluded the deal this week.

How do you think Clyde will do this season? – I think we’ll do ok. What’s happened in football in the last four months means that a lot of clubs are cutting their playing staff and things like that, so I expect the First Division will be close.

What do you think about the standard of the First Division? – I haven’t played in the First Division before so I don’t really know what to expect.

What do you plan to do once this season is finished? – I’m just going to play as much as possible this year and then take it from there. I’m doing my coaching badge at Largs next week which will be useful if I choose to go into coaching.

Do you know where Alan wants you to play? – I think he is looking for me to play up front but I can play anywhere if need be.

Some fans will label you as an “old pro” in the squad, does that bother you? – No not at all. I’ve only taken part in a couple of training sessions but already I can see there is a lot of good young talent here, and it is a young squad. The experienced lads like Paul Kane and myself can help the younger players, which is a plus for me and for the team.

Do you have a goal target for the season? – No, I’ve never set myself one because I usually don’t play up front for a whole season. The only time I’ve done that was at Dundee.

Once again, our thanks to Willie for giving us this interview.