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Clyde Kids Club Secures New Sponsor

By Cameron Macdonald
Sat, 15th Jun 2002 12:00am

The new Clyde Kids club today announced that they have secured a sponsor for the new 2002/03 season. Family restaurant chain Brewsters, who own Broadwood Farm close to Broadwood Stadium, will sponsor the Kids Club for the forthcoming season. In addition to sponsoring the Kids Club page in the Clyde View, Broadwood Farm will also provide meal vouchers and other assorted goodies to club members.

Manager of Broadwood Farm, George Greig, told the site today, "I am looking forward to working with Clyde and in particular with the Kids Club. Clyde are hoping to attract more supporters and one way to do this is to attract more children to Broadwood. Hopefully the Kids Club will help raise the support amongst the children in the area."

More details of the Kids Club will appear on the site shortly, however the club already has its first member. Four months old Christopher Flynn of East Kilbride is ceratinly the youngest season ticket holder at Broadwood and has been given an honorary membership to mark this. His dad Steven is looking forward to taking him along for his first game.