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Parents' Evenings At The Stadium

By Bob McPherson
Thu, 6th Jun 2002 12:00am

Guests of the Club on Monday and Tuesday evenings this week have been the parents of all the young boys who are involved in the Clyde Youth Development Initiative.

Clyde Youth Development Manager John Bean gave a comprehensive description of the initiative and highlighted the benefits to the boys of being involved with the Clyde scheme. It was an impressive presentation which was well received by the parents who attended on each evening.

Director Gerry Dunn explained where the Youth Initiative fits into Clyde's overall strategy and spoke of the satisfaction which the Clyde coaching staff will get when, if as expected, some of the young players make their breakthrough to the first team next season.

The third speaker was Clyde Commercial Manager Sharron McCarthy who stressed the importance of everyone who is involved with the scheme, and all Clyde supporters, in supporting the new Bully Wee Bonus Numbers fundraiser which is dedicated solely to supporting the Youth Initiative.