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Opening Shot

By Jack Ross
Sun, 12th May 2002 12:00am

Clyde Captain Jack Ross kindly agreed to write an exclusive column to help launch the new website, and you can read it here...


"Given the choice would we not prefer to stand out from the crowd, be that little bit different and have an identity that makes us proud?

Clyde FC seems to think so, or at least the evidence of recent years reflects this. First of all the club was singled out perhaps even mocked for recruiting from junior football and yet such signings helped the club to a championship win and first division consolidation. As always further changes are needed to allow further progress and this has culminated in the appointment of a full time management team. Furthermore this appointment has led to the renegotiations of contracts ensuring that we have retained the bulk of the nucleus of a strong playing squad.

Under the current climate in domestic football, it is clear that Clyde is once again bucking the trend as it seeks to emulate the success achieved by its greatest rivals last season. The faith shown by the chairman and board in both the manager and players is evident and this has only sought to create a tangible air of optimism around the dressing room.

From my own viewpoint I was delighted to finally agree a new contract on the eve of our final game of last season. Although negotiations were rather protracted my overriding wish was to remain at a club, which at long last could be heading back to its rightful place in Scottish football.

As a keen follower of all aspects of the club I am aware of the steps being made to increase our fan base through various measures and yet all the players are clear in the knowledge that we have a massively important role to play in such initiatives in that if we can achieve consistent positive results then more people will occupy seats at Broadwood.

The word consistent is one constantly preached to us by Alan Kernaghan as he strives to instil a winning mentality into all members of the squad. Our final quarter of the season illustrated this and if this can be maintained and improved in the new season and we can turn some draws into vital wins then the promotion challenge we are all aiming for will be a reality.

Finally as all the players enjoy a well-earned rest I am sure they are maintaining a decent fitness base in preparation for our return to training in late June. An inquisitive nature has led me to seek alternative training for a few weeks and resulted in me joining boxers as they train. I must confess that it is punishing and that they are extremely fit sportsmen. However, if it helps me to help Clyde hit the heights then it is more than justified."

Jack Ross
Clyde FC Team Captain