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Jack Ross’ Diary – Time For Reflection

Clyde captain Jack Ross, who has just signed a new two year deal, looks back on the season from a personal and club perspective. He has also picked up on Clyde fans’ optimism about next season and feels it might not be false hope…

“Those unfortunate enough never to have visited Broadwood Stadium on a Saturday may be unaware that Clyde FC produces a record-breaking, award-winning match day programme. For our last home game of the season, the common thread visible throughout the programme was that of reflection upon a rapidly finishing season. So if such thoughts are good enough for a trophy-laden production, then they are good enough for my column.

For the club as a whole it has been a season of unprecedented change where we have seen the departure of a doctor, physio, management team, executives, several players and a kit man! Such upheaval could possibly have been a catalyst for the collapse of the successful foundations laid in the past two seasons, and yet if the bare facts are examined, it seems the club has progressed once more. Our finishing position will be no worse than fifth, thus equaling last year’s, with the possibility still remaining of an even higher finish.

This, coupled with a points total already exceeding our previous haul, could therefore point to further, albeit small advancement. Perhaps the most significant change would be that there seems to be an emerging feeling among followers of the club that next season may provide them with jubilation currently being enjoyed by their fiercest rivals.

While in a mood of reflection, it would be amiss to not look back from a personal viewpoint. This season has been my hardest at Clyde in that I was very fortunate to play my first two seasons without significant injuries, while the current campaign witnessed serious damage to my groin. However, despite the injury, I feel that I have again improved as a Clyde player and learned some valuable lessons along the way.

Reason for optimism

The best lesson was never play when not nearly properly fit, as it only hinders overall recovery and can have damaging effects on your physical and mental playing ability. Another testing moment of the season was the fall-out of my injury period when I received probably more fans’ criticism than at any other stage in my Clyde career. It is never nice whether it is justified or not and yet it is satisfying to emerge from these days, and leave our home pitch on Saturday to a good ovation knowing that you have played your part in another chapter of Clyde’s distinguished history.

As important as being able to reflect is being able to perceive, and the common perception of Clyde lovers is that success is imminent. Facts such as increased season ticket sales and players being signed to new contracts only adds weight to these claims.

If the squad is strengthened and crowds swell then this optimism may not be misguided.”