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Clyde 3 St. Mirren 1: Match Reaction

Alan Kernaghan:

“I’m pleased. The result is the main thing but I thought we played ok in patches. After St.Mirren went down to ten men I hoped we would have gone on and scored a few more goals and made them work harder.”

“It was difficult to start with, we tried to play 3-4-3 and they tried something similar so it was 3 v 3 at the back. We were cautious not to let that happen and they tried to make the pitch as big as possible and pull us about, but we did well. We sat back after we went in front and took the pace out of the game, which we tend to do, and it allowed them back into the game.”

“We had a word with them at half time and the second half was better. Bringing Pat on was a good substitution! It was just one of those things, a bit of luck.”

“Stevie and Brian worked hard up front. I felt sorry for Brian, that was his first game since January which is ridiculous. Since I took over we haven’t had time for bounce games or anything, but I thought he did well, and we know what Stevie can do.”

“We’re hoping to bring in some new players over the summer. I won’t need to reduce the squad, but I will need to move players on before I can bring in new ones. We’re in the process of that at the moment. I’m hoping to hear from Simon and Jamie next week.”

“Not losing breeds confidence, and we’re starting to look like a team that is difficult to beat.”

“I didn’t think Ian Ross deserved a red card, I didn’t think there was much in the tackle at all. I was shocked when the referee gave him the red card, I was expecting a yellow.”

“I thought Marc Graham did well. He’s another player who hasn’t benefited from playing games, but he made some decent saves and didn’t look out of place. He’ll play next week again and we’ll take it from there.”

“I’ve tried to drum into the players to keep the unbeaten run going, which they’ve done, and which is great. If we keep it going next week we’ll be in with a shout of third place, which would be great. The two points we dropped last week were disappointing, that’s the type of situation we need to turn into a win if we are going to be successful.”

Tom Hendrie:

“I thought Ian Ross was high, his foot was definitely up high. But for it to be a red card in the way the referee is describing it, “stamping”, there’s got to be some violence in the challenge and I didn’t think it was at all violent. It was a yellow card offence but the ref has seen it as a straight red which I feel is harsh. It spoiled the game for us in the second half.”

“The second half summed up our whole season. We didn’t play badly in the first half, in fact I thought we were the better of the two sides. In the second half though, indiscipline came in. We gave away two unnecessary free kicks, and we got punished each time. There was no need for Ricky Gillies to slide in late. In fact I thought that was the worst challenge of the game, yet he only got a yellow card. It was a silly, reckless foul and there was no need for it and Keogh has scored from the free kick.”

“Then Barry Mclaughlin barges Keogh in the back for no reason and we lose another goal. It was a fabulous strike from the guy, but from our point of view it was poor. Good teams don’t make silly mistakes like that.”

“Mark Yardley has caught his studs and he may well have knee ligament damage. We were concerned about the young lad after he took the head knock, but he was adamant that he was fine and that he wanted to stay on. We had no subs left so we would have been down to nine men which would have been hard on us.”

“I don’t think there is a lot between the teams at the bottom of the league and the teams at the top, and I think every manager in the league will consider his team in with a chance next year.”