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Mitchell Set To Leave

By Graham Forrest
Fri, 26th Apr 2002 12:00am

Jamie Mitchell will now leave Clyde after he rejected the contract offer given to him. He told Manager Alan Kernaghan today that he wasn't accepting the offer and the deal is now dead.

"We made him a very good offer," explained Alan Kernaghan, "the best this Club could possibly make, and he has rejected it. As far as we're concerned, he will now leave the club in the summer. We're not going to make him another offer."

For his part, Jamie was keen to explain the reasons for his decision. "I felt I had to take this opportunity to have a shot at the SPL. At my age, if I'm going to make the step up it needs to be now. It was absolutely nothing to do with money or Clyde, I wouldn't leave for another First Division team."

"Three or four teams have expressed an interest in signing me, but there is nothing concrete. So I've taken a big gamble, but I don't want to look back in three or four years time and regret not going for it. I'll be sad to leave Clyde."