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Fans Forum: With John Fraser

By Graham Forrest and Cameron Macdonald
Sat, 20th Apr 2002 12:00am

At long last we caught up with "prolific" scorer John Fraser and he answered your questions with some interesting and humorous replies.

We have heard that the team were pleased to have a full time manager following Allan Maitland's departure - your comments on this would be appreciated. (asked by tonycraig)

"It was a bit hard before. We would come in for training on the Monday, and then the coaches would ask us to come in on Tuesday night, Thursday night, Friday afternoons etc. It was alright - we worked hard - but it wasn't as good as it is now. You know exactly what you're doing now.

Are you staying closer to Broadwood now? -

"I've moved down to Airth now so it's a lot easier."

You have also been playing in a few different positions lately. Which one do you feel is your best?

"I like playing in the middle of the park, where I was playing when I first came. But I've got three goals from left back in the last two games which isn't bad!"

You have been getting into great positions recently (especially against Partick!) but seem reluctant to have a go on goal. Do you see this as a confidence problem? (asked by Hunter)

"I get slagged off all the time for not scoring, I don't even score in training much. My nickname is Peter Grant. I keep saying the ball won't sit right for me! I couldn't believe he passed it to me today for the goal! Everybody is off my back now though!"

Having followed County home and away and couldn't help notice that some of your best performances were away from home, Was this to do with your confidence in front of the County Boo Boys who somehow found a reason to get on your back? (asked by JailEnder)

"Yes, Neil Cooper thought that as well. At home, I got a lot of abuse from some of the fans. Once one person shouts, that's it, they all join in. I did play better away from home."

Who did you support as a boy? (asked by West Lothian Clyde)


Which derby provides the best atmosphere? Clyde v Thistle or Ross County v Inverness? (asked by West Lothian Clyde)

"I didn't really know Clyde v Thistle was a derby until I came here, but the first game, 3-1, that was absolutely superb. I like this one better because we win more! I think the supporters up there are quieter, they sing more down here and the atmosphere is better. The crowds are similar sizes for both derbies."

How did it feel to score you first goal for Clyde against your former rivals last Saturday? (asked by Fonzz)

"Excellent. It was just a relief to have finally scored."

Was today's goal the best for your career?

"Probably yeah. I'd only scored two goals before I came to Clyde, and both of them were against Clyde for Ross County!"

When you were at Ross County, how did you and the rest of the squad feel about playing Clyde? (asked by Fonzz)

"There was always a wee bit of a grudge there from the Second Division. Ross County were expected to go up, but Clyde were always ahead. It was good. They were good games to play in, everyone kicking each other, that's what I like. I remember the 2-2 game at Dingwall, there was a dodgy penalty in the last minute. I'm sure I punched Smiddy actually! They were all surrounding me, big Pat and everyone! Bryan can remember it, we've talked about it."

Which player did you look up to as a boy?

"Ally McCoist. He was a goalscorer just like me!!"