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Fans’ Forum: With Jamie Mitchell

HJamie answered questions from the fans and the web site after the victory against Thistle. He had some interesting things to say about his future plans and his career to date. Our thanks to Jamie for taking the time to speak to us.

The story in The Sun the other day seemed to indicate that you are going to leave the club, is this the case or are you close to signing?
I’m close to signing. The guy from the Sun phoned me last Friday, and he said to me there were teams interested, Hearts and Thistle, but I didn’t say anything to him. I haven’t heard anything about those clubs being interested. Clyde have offered me a good deal, so I just need to get a couple of things ironed out and that will be it.

Do you feel your discipline on the field lets you down sometimes?
I think at least three-quarters of the bookings I get have been harsh. I don’t know what it is with refs and me. I’ve got that side to my game, an aggressive side I suppose, but if I took that away, I wouldn’t be half the player I am. I’m not the biggest in the world so I need that bit extra. So I think I’ve been harshly treated but I won’t be changing my style.

A few years ago you scored a hat trick playing up front against Stirling Albion, would you like another chance up front or are you in your best position?
I’m playing in my best position and I’m a far better player than I was back then as well. I’d lost all my confidence with what happened before I came to Clyde, so I don’t think the Clyde fans had seen the best of me until last season really.

Why did you leave Scarborough to come to Clyde? It was actually a family bereavement that made me come back. I didn’t get on with the manager there at all so he was happy to let me go. I think he was frustrated because he knew I could be a decent player but he couldn’t get the best out of me. In my first season there I did really well but in my second season I was going out too much. Looking back I was silly but I’m trying to make up for it now; I’m still only 25.

Were you disappointed in Brian Carrigan?
A bit yes. I think when he gets to my age he’ll maybe look back and think what he could have done. I was lucky enough to get the chance to come here, even although I was part-time. I’d never been part-time in my whole life. I’d never worked before I’d always been professional but I had to do it. I had no confidence by the time I got here so I’ve been lucky, but I have worked hard to get here and that’s what Carrots has got to do.

Was your mazy run at Brockville the best goal of your career?
Yes, and one for Scarborough against Mansfield which was similar. My dad taped over all my goals from Sky, I couldn’t believe it! I also like the goal at Livingston last season, but the Falkirk one is probably my best.

What did it feel like to be named Player of the Year last season?
Tremendous, it was probably the pinnacle of my career so far. It was a great honour. I think it’s an open one this year, maybe Simon Mensing or Paddy could get it.

Which player do you rate most at the club?
Mark McLaughlin. I think he’s got everything you need to be a defender so I don’t see the problem with him playing in the Premier League. He’s far better than some of the defenders in that league just now. I think Jack Ross has the ability as well when his confidence is up. Leigh as well, he’s superb with his back to goal. He needs to get fitter though, he’s not fit enough. We keep telling him but he won’t listen!

Which club did you support as a boy?
Rangers. Still do. I was brought up in Rutherglen though. I used to go every week with my dad, and I’m going to watch the Cup final.

What about the standard of the First Division?
There’s no difference between Motherwell and those type of teams and the top half of the First. It’s scandalous how they go on about the Premier League, it annoys me.