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Brian Carrigan Explains

By Graham Forrest
Fri, 22nd Mar 2002 12:00am

Brian Carrigan today defended himself in The Sun newspaper, saying he did nothing wrong at the weekend and in the same article 'Carrots' claims he has witnesses that will prove he hasn't done anything wrong.

"I went in on Monday," he told The Sun, "and the Manager said I'd been involved in an incident in a pub and he told me he was sending me back to Clydebank. They say I smashed a pool cue through a TV screen in a pub. But I hadn't even been in the pub concerned - I had been at another establishment all day and the owner of that place says he can vouch for me."

"And if I was supposed to have put a pool cue through a TV, would the police not want to speak to me? It's very annoying."

"Basically, it's just a case of the manager not wanting me at the Club. I enjoyed my time at Clyde and thought I did alright, but the boss doesn't like me."