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Fans' Forum: With Leigh Hinds

By Graham Forrest
Fri, 15th Mar 2002 12:00am

Is there any real difference between last year and this year? As a player, do you feel there is an unreal expectation? Can we escape relegation? There isn't really a difference from this year and last year I don't think, except we have better, more consistent players this year. I think we can easily escape relegation. It is in our minds but it should be at the back of our minds. I think we're good enough to stay up and I don't think the teams below us are better than us. It all depends what happens on the day but I definitely feel we can stay up.

Some fans feel you are a better player with your back to goal or turning and running at defenders. However under Allan Maitland you were played alongside Pat almost as a foil for a target man. What do you feel is your best position and do you feel that your return to goal scoring form has been linked with Pat either dropping into midfield or not playing due to injury? It's nothing to do with Pat not being in the team that I've started scoring, Pat's a good player and it doesn't really make a difference where he is playing to me. I've had a little bit of luck, and once the first goes in you get a bit of confidence. You need to be in the right place at the right time more than anything. At the start of the season I was hitting the post and the crossbar and I didn't have that little bit of luck that you need sometimes to get on your way. When Pat is played up front, I do tend to be a foil for the main striker but I prefer to get the ball played into me rather than chase the ball. My best position is probably to have my back to goal and get the ball to my feet rather than chasing it into channels.

I spotted you in Waterstone's in Argyle Street last month. Have you read any good books recently and what's your favourite? We were with Raf (de Gregorio) in town one day and he wanted to go in and get a book, I don't know what one, so we just went in with him. I haven't read any books lately to be honest!

A lot of supporters accuse you of inconsistency e.g. running your socks off in one game (1-0 v St Mirren in particular) but not seeming to put in the same effort the next. Do you feel that you are inconsistent yourself and how do you respond to this? I think that is the main problem in my game - my biggest downfall is my inconsistency and I know that myself. When we are playing as a team and doing well it is easier to close down. You can chose the right times to close down and you'll get the ball sometimes. But if things aren't going as well and the team aren't working as a team, then closing down is much harder. I think that's the reason why it looks like I'm chasing sometimes and why sometimes it looks like I can't be bothered - which isn't true but it can look like it.

In recent weeks you have started to score goals quite regularly. What do you feel is the best kind of ball to be played to you so that you score and has your confidence went up a lot since the first goal? As I say, it's to get the ball at my feet around the box. I think that's one of the stronger parts of my game, turning and shooting - I can strike the ball quite well. I'm not the kind of person that's thrives on crosses, obviously because of my size.

With all the facilities at Broadwood, are you disappointed at having to train at Glasgow Green? No, because Glasgow Green is quite a good training pitch. It's like any bit of grass though, recently it has suffered because of the wet weather. I don't know any professional team that trains full time on their first team pitch, because it will ruin the pitch for Saturday, and going to Glasgow Green is a lot better than training on Astroturf. So I'm happy to train there.

What are the differences in training methods between Clyde & Wimbledon, and could we learn from training methods elsewhere? You can always learn, no-one ever knows everything. The only real difference between Clyde and Wimbledon's training is that at Wimbledon they used to take players from each position off and do individual positional play. But I found here, especially under Allan Maitland, that we just did the same type of training for everyone and it doesn't always benefit everyone. I like to get shots on goal, midfielders like to pass the ball etc. That's the main difference but under Alan I think the training has improved.

What is your opinion on the standard of the Scottish First Division? I can't really compare it to anywhere else because I haven't really played anywhere else, apart from Wimbledon reserves. I think the standard is fairly good. I don't think there is a lot of difference between a lot of the First Division clubs and a lot of the Premier clubs other than Celtic and Rangers. Look at Ayr and Partick. The Premier teams are maybe better as a whole, but the First Division has some very good players and overall I'd say the standard is good.

Your football ability has never been in doubt but your lack of stamina on occasions is surprising for a young man. Do you feel that the training methods at Clyde do not enable you to reach peak fitness? What it was, I've come to Clyde at the end of last season just back from injury - I hadn't played for three months. You can do all the running in the world but the real thing you need is games. I felt sharp at the start of the season but then I got injured and I was out for a couple of weeks. Then I was in and out of the team and I didn't have a run of games to get my fitness back. But now, after a run of games, I feel sharper and I think I'm getting there.

Is it true you model yourself on Gary Wilmot? (asked by Alan Ker??????) - Haha! Who have you been talking to?