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Jack Ross' Diary: Praise The Celebrations

By Graham Forrest
Fri, 15th Mar 2002 12:00am

BBC Sport Online diarist and Clyde captain Jack Ross gives an insight into how those goal celebrations materialise from the dressing-room.

During my tenure as a football diarist, I have often stated that it is easier to write this column when recent events provide inspiration. I was therefore fortunate that the past seven days witnessed Clyde recording a morale-boosting six-goal victory over Falkirk, a result that I am sure sparked varying happy emotions for Clyde fans and players alike. One such emotion that was shared by both was that of celebration, an art that is often practiced and perfected by sportsmen and women. Celebrating an achievement, whether it be a victory or a goal, is the ultimate emotion for any footballer and the adrenaline surge gained is one that is non-comparable.

It is therefore unsurprising that the topic of celebrations is one that is often discussed in football dressing-rooms, where the debate revolves around any unusual or eccentric post-goal partying during the weekend fixtures. I am therefore sure that all followers of football have their own personal favourite, whether it be Denis Law's solitary arm salute, Marco Tardelli's World Cup-winning scream, or even Brian Carrigan's Clyde back flip. My own choice would be the reaction of the French legend Eric Cantona to scoring a sublime chip at Old Trafford. His slow, deliberate swivel while absorbing the adulation being bestowed upon him was indicative of a man at the very top of his profession, performing to his best in what was his arena. Such a celebration is one, which I am sure all players would love to be able to emulate given the circumstances surrounding it.

Returning to changing-room banter, I must admit that one of our hat-trick heroes from the aforementioned Falkirk game received plenty of abuse for his feeble goal celebrations. Leigh Hinds' goals were worthy of either more passionate or pre-conceived "cellies" and yet the stick he has taken has ensured that the situation has now turned full circle in that his celebration now has cult status. This has ensured much practicing of it by his team-mates during training. It must be said that I have been at the heart of these rehearsals. However, when I do score, I usually get carried away and forget all the pre-game arrangements. I am sure that those more accustomed to finding the back of the net will do so several more times before the end of the season and ensure that Clyde fans get the opportunity to witness our tribute to Leigh's celebration.

Finally, and moving from celebration to fabrication, I read with interest that Clyde players had suffered from "bouncing" wages cheques. I can only emphasise that in my spell at the club I have never experienced such a problem and am unaware of it affecting any of my team-mates. As ever, some papers take great pleasure in claiming exclusives but are not so eager to rescind ill-informed reporting.