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Clyde 1 v 2 St. Johnstone

Match Type: League Cup
Venue: Broadwood Stadium
Date: Wednesday, 26th September 2001
Kick Off: 7:45pm
Attendance: 911
Referee: W Young
St. Johnstone


Clyde   St. Johnstone
(90) Crawford MacDonald (25) pen.
  MacDonald (86) pen.

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Clyde   St. Johnstone
Halliwell Cuthbert
Murray Murray
Dunn McCluskey
Keogh Weir
Cranmer Dods
Ross Forsyth
Mitchell McBride (74)
Millen Dasovic
(83) Hinds Connolly (66)
(66) Bingham Falconer
(72) Convery MacDonald
(83) Okikiolu Kemble
Budinauckas Main
Aitken Fotheringham
(72) Crawford Hartley (74)
(66) A Kane Parker (66)

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by Alan Henderson

League Cup business was a welcome diversion for both teams away from dire league form, but Clyde have got the losing habit and it's looking serious. This was the bottom of the First Division versus the bottom of the SPL and it looked like it! Neither team could summon much constructive play but the Saints looked as if they knew what they wanted to do and had the pace to do it. The application from Clyde was better tonight but in general the team looks ponderous and stale.

The opening 20 minutes saw little to trouble either keeper although Saints were starting to look dangerous on the break. Connolly was played through straight into the box but could only blast his shot at Halliwell. The opening goal wasn't long in coming though. Halliwell struggled to clear a move and a corner was conceded. Although the initial danger was cleared the ball was crossed back in and nodded down in the path of a Saint. He was wrestled and a penalty was awarded. McDonald had no problem beating Halliwell. Clyde tried to respond and their best attempt came from Hinds whose turn and shot was well saved by the Saints keeper.

Clyde didn't change things at half time and Saints settled back to play Clyde on the break. Clyde had plenty of possession but couldn't do anything with it. Mitchell had one opening but drove the ball straight into the hands of the keeper. Saints looked comfortable enough and had the luxury of bringing on the very pacy Keegan Parker. His darting runs were causing all sorts of problems and Halliwell did well to block a couple of his shots. The killer second goal also came via the penalty spot. Parker was shaping to shoot when Murray tackled him. Referee Young decided the tackle was illegal. Halliwell had no chance with the penalty. Kane, Crawford and Okikiolu were all brought on but it was obvious the cause was lost. Kane had one last tilt at the Saints defence and was held back. Crawford took the penalty and typically for Clyde at the moment it was superbly saved by the keeper. According to the announcer, Crawford then headed in the resultant corner although it may have been Andy Kane. Sadly there was no time left for Clyde to mount a rescue act.

So, that makes it 4 defeats on the trot. The team is getting murdered for pace and the pressure is showing with the number of penalties we're starting to concede. Several regulars simply aren't up to scratch at the moment, but there isn't anybody there to replace them. Crawford, on the bench, comes on and scores once again. OK, he may not contribute much to the general play but at least he has an eye for goal. A case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Tonight we had Millen on the pitch and Maitland, McDaid, Reid and Kernaghan all barking instructions from the bench. Are the team clear about what they are trying to do?. The evidence is they aren't