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Clyde 1 v 3 Hamilton Academical

Match Type: Scottish Championship
Venue: Broadwood Stadium
Date: Saturday, 2nd April 2005
Kick Off: 3:00pm
Attendance: 1,235
Referee: J Rowbotham
Hamilton Academical


Clyde   Hamilton Academical
(83) Bryson Keogh (53)
  Hardy (55)
  Keogh (68)

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Clyde   Hamilton Academical
Halliwell McEwan
Espinola Hodge
Gilhaney Lumsden
(38) Wilson McLaughlin
Potter Paquito
Sheridan Mahouve
Burns Hardy
(29) Gibson Javary (77)
Jones Corcoran (81)
Malone McArthur
Harty Keogh (81)
(38) Arbuckle Hamilton (77)
Morrison Jellema
(29) Bryson McPhee (81)
Greenhill Convery
Harris Carrigan (81)

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by Alan Henderson

Those looking for a conspiracy theory needn't bother. This game went entirely as expected with a big and hungry Accies' side overcoming a depleted and increasingly tired Clyde outfit that is clawing its way to the finishing line.

It still hurts though seeing Keogh bag a couple for the Accies and McLaughlin going forward at every opportunity to cause trouble in the opposition box.

With injuries and suspensions hitting hard, Clyde opted for a 3-5-2 formation with Gilhaney and debutant Miguel Espinola taking the wing-back roles. With Burns, Gibson and Sheridan making up the rest of the midfield it was obvious that Clyde were going to struggle with the ball in the air.

Hamilton began the far sharper team and looked to overpower Clyde as every corner or free kick saw Accies pile into the box. As usual Halliwell was having none of it and made telling saves and catches when it mattered. Given Clyde's worries it was sad to see Gibson not up with the pace and the injured midfielder was replaced by Bryson.

Worse was to follow soon after as Clyde lost one of their few physical presences as Wilson sustained a bad leg injury and had to be stretchered off. Gary Arbuckle replaced him but Clyde were now playing with a very unusual back trio of Espinola, Potter and Malone. The game itself became very fractured as well as both teams struggled to find their men and the half-time whistle was a pleasant sound to the Clyde team.

For Clyde's makeshift side it was a question of holding out but Accies got the vital opener after only a few minutes of the second half. Malone made a complete hash of a clearance in the penalty box and Keogh was on hand to lash the ball into the net.

Clyde have shown remarkable powers of resilience this season but only two minutes later they were another goal behind. A free-kick on the edge of the box was expertly powered around the wall and beyond the static Halliwell by Hardy.

Clyde looked a sorry state by now and Hamilton knew the game was theirs. To further inflict the pain, Corcoran skipped around the back of the Clyde defence and Keogh was on hand to slot home his second goal.

Accies then eased off and allowed Clyde some space but little came from all the possession. Then with seven minutes remaining Bryson pulled back a consolation goal. He drove into the box and with the aid of a strange bounce put the ball beyond the Accies keeper. The Accies were suddenly apprehensive for a few minutes but they easily saw out the rest of the game for a comfortable win.

Seeing your former heroes and management team put one over on you hurts. Clyde look like a team ready for a long rest and it will take all of Billy Reid's powers to get them running and motivated until the end of the season.

As for the team that can be fielded at St Johnstone next week? If you fancy a game and you are over 5'10" then give Billy a call.

Clyde Star Ratings (*****)

Halliwell **** Fine saves and no chance with the goals.
Espinola *** Steady debut from the typically neat Spaniard.
Gilhaney ** Lots of the ball but failed to deliver.
Wilson ** Looked rusty and will be even more so with that injury.
Potter **** Usual good performance from the captain.
Sheridan *** Some fine tackles and touches but the engine is going.
Burns ** Frustrating game of ups and downs.
Gibson ** Off the pace and probably shouldn't have been risked.
Jones *** Some fine lay offs but not where the action is at.
Malone *** The first goal apart showing some maturity in his play.
Harty *** More offside than on but again hardly a clear sight of goal.

Bryson **** Always eager and willing to run at defences.
Arbuckle ** Failed to make the most of his skill and pace.