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Clyde 1 v 2 Airdrie United

Match Type: Scottish Championship
Venue: Broadwood Stadium
Date: Saturday, 11th September 2004
Kick Off: 3:00pm
Attendance: 1,680
Referee: C Murray
Airdrie United


Clyde   Airdrie United
(16) Wilford Barkey (39)
  Coyle (69)

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Clyde   Airdrie United
Halliwell Trialist
Mensing Christie Yellow Card
Yellow Card Malone McGowan
Yellow Card Wilson M Wilson
Potter W Wilson
(67) Walker Dunn (89)
Bryson McManus
Gibson Barkey
(70) Wilford Roberts Red Card
Gilhaney McKeown (87)
(83) Harty Coyle (79)
(67) Arbuckle Vareille (79)
Morrison Hollis
(70) Conway Hardie (87)
Balmer McKenna
(83) Bradley Hoey (89)

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by Alan Henderson

Some things in life are just fated and this Airdrie victory was one of them.

With Billy Reid as Manager of the Month and Airdrie's injury woes there was a giant banana skin looming and Clyde still couldn't avoid it. It only seemed to be part of the script that Airdrie were quickly reduced to ten men and Clyde took the lead. The fact Airdrie emerged as victors was no real surprise. No surprise either that despite the press coverage the mystery Frenchman wasn't in Clyde's team either.

In very blustery conditions the game itself was a bit of a farce. The sooner something is done to address the open end of the stadium the better - even a hedge would be an improvement.

Airdrie began brightly and Clyde struggled for possession. Airdrie were putting themselves about but quickly went a step too far. Malone and Roberts were having a dispute about the taking of a free kick that ended with Roberts aiming a kick at the nether regions of Malone. As this happened right in front of the referee he had little choice but to produce a red card.

Clyde took advantage and Gilhaney was running at the defence in a confident manner that we haven't seen for a while. It was from one of his runs and crosses that Wilford placed his header over the Airdrie keeper and into the net.

Clyde also had a couple of close things from corners and the Airdrie keeper pulled off a dramatic stop to deny Gilhaney while Bryson blazed over with the follow up. At this stage all seemed well for Clyde but with five minutes of the half remaining the banana skin appeared and Clyde just couldn't avoid it. A fierce shot from the edge of the box came back off Halliwell's chest and a gleeful Barkley stroked in the equaliser.

In the second half Clyde playing with the wind and a numerical advantage should have kept the tempo up and Airdrie under pressure. However Clyde found it very difficult to string any decent moves together. Harty beat the offside trap once but his lob over the keeper drifted wide. Malone's corner came off the cross bar too as it began to look like one of those days.

A draw seemed likely but then Clyde made another mistake Coyle pounced as he has done for over twenty years. In the swirling wind an Airdrie corner was only knocked back towards their own goal by the Clyde defence and Coyle's deft flick was enough to find the corner of the net.

Clyde had plenty of the ball but only a Bryson shot that skimmed the bar threatened to change the outcome. Arbuckle, Conway and Bradley were all introduced for Walker, Wilford and Harty but they made little difference as Airdrie's spirit saw them home.

Under the circumstances this was an embarrassing result. Clyde had every advantage but still couldn't take it. Maybe the old head of Sheridan could have made a difference but it doesn't matter now. Unlike other recent games Clyde's mistakes were punished and a sense of reality has dawned.

This is a new Clyde team full of young and inexperienced players that hardly know each other's game. The supply to Wilford and Harty has been poor from the start of the season. Despite this result Clyde still look steady at the back, but the rest of the team needs to put in a lot of time on the training ground to create pressure and more chances.

How Billy and his team respond to a set back will be interesting to see. It's Hamilton next against the 'old boys' so they have every incentive to get back on the rails.

Clyde Star Ratings *****
Halliwell *** Generally safe in difficult conditions but his mistake was punished.
Mensing *** Steady as ever.
Malone *** Seems restrained form his natural attacking game.
Wilson ** Began to panic in the second half as Clyde fell behind.
Potter *** Reliable and determined as we now expect.
Walker ** Didn't really happen for the big man.
Bryson *** Excellent effort and backs up the attack but faded in the second half.
Gibson ** Still to find his form and too embroiled in the physical battles.
Wiford ** Good goal but very little to work with and fitness still a big problem.
Gilhaney *** Best for a good while but faded in the second half.
Harty ** One sniff at goal but can't be faulted for effort.

Arbuckle ** Mystery as to why he's not playing through the middle.
Conway * Seems to have lost his way since his debut at Palmerston.
Bradley * No time and no service to shine with

*Some press reports show attendance understated by 253