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Clyde 0 v 3 Dunfermline Athletic

Match Type: Scottish Cup
Venue: Broadwood Stadium
Date: Tuesday, 24th February 2004
Kick Off: 7:45pm
Attendance: 2,441
Referee: C Richmond
Dunfermline Athletic


Clyde   Dunfermline Athletic
  Nicholson (19) pen.
  Nicholson (38)
  Bullen (41)

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Clyde   Dunfermline Athletic
Halliwell Stillie
Mensing Bullen
(73) Fotheringham Skerla (86)
Kernaghan Wilson (53)
Red Card McCluskey Thomson (82)
Ross Nicholson
Hagen Dempsey
Marshall Mehmet
Keogh Byrne
(29) Fraser Labonte
(64) Harty Tod
(64) Gilhaney Grondin (86)
Morrison Ruitenbeek
McConalogue Kilgannon (53)
(29) Smith Mason (82)
(73) Doyle McNicol

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by Alan Henderson
Sadly there was no snow to save us again as Clyde shot themselves in the foot big style and allowed Dunfermline to coast to an easy victory. A stupid backpass by Fraser left Clyde with the double blow of conceding a penalty that was converted and a red for McCluskey as he tried to retrieve the situation. After that the speed of the SPL side told and Clyde were never in the hunt. At the very least some of our bench (Keogh, Fotheringham, Gilhaney, Doyle) all had a good run out.

Both sides showed many changes from the previous encounter. Clyde were without McLaughlin, Gibson and Smith was on the bench leaving starts for Fotheringham, Fraser and Keogh. The game began in scrappy fashion but Dunfermline looked the better side as Clyde tried fruitlessly to feed Harty as they had done on Saturday. It took almost 20 minutes for Clyde to pose a threat as Keogh knocked the ball down for Harty only for the ball to break to Marshall. His cute chip over the keeper was cleared off the line though. The next minute the Pars were in front and Clyde were down to 10 men with their game plan in tatters. Under little pressure Fraser sent a weak back pass into the path of a Dunfermline forward. McCluskey grappled him at the edge of the box and not only was a penalty awarded but sent McCluskey off as the last man. Nicholson made no mistake with the penalty and Clyde were in a mess. Dunfermline sensed blood and surged forward producing a fine block with his foot by Halliwell. Clyde decided to change things and replaced the distraught Fraser with Smith allowing Keogh to move back to give the midfield some presence. Yet despite this Clyde contributed greatly to their downfall once again. Hagen, about 10 yards inside his own half tried a pass to Keogh that the big man simply didn't read. Dunfermline broke into the box and stood the ball up at the edge of the box for Nicholson to rifle home once again. Clyde were clearly shell-shocked as the one-way traffic continued. To make matters worse a corner wasn't cleared and a Dunfermline defender had all the time in the world to turn and crash the ball into the roof of the net. Half time came and Clyde knew this was a damage limitation exercise.

Trailing badly Clyde didn't make any changes or particularly go for broke either. Both teams seemed to settle for the result and played out the game in a very clean fashion. Clyde had very little to offer while Dunfermline always threatened on the break and that produced a string of fine saves from Halliwell. Clyde's only moment of note was when Marshall crashed a free kick towards goal and saw it tipped onto the bar by Stillie. Gilhaney and Doyle were introduced for Harty and Fotheringham as the game petered out.

A grim night for Clyde that turned on Fraser's moment of madness. Hopefully the players will not want to taste the bitter pill of defeat again and there will be a marked reaction on Saturday at Inverness.


Halliwell **** Some fine saves in difficult circumstances.
Mensing *** Stuck to it well during an overworked night.
Fotheringham *** Looks composed and certainly is an option on the left.
Kernaghan *** Tough night against the rampant Pars.
McCluskey ** Looked sound enough until his early bath.
Ross *** Committed but fruitless shift for the popular captain.
Hagen ** Difficult night and hardly a good cross delivered from the left.
Marshall **** Showed some mettle and no little skill.
Keogh ** Needs games to regain sharpness.
Fraser * One to forget.
Harty ** No service whatsoever.

Smith *** Fought all the way but not a glimpse of goal.
Gilhaney ** Tough time and game to come in to.
Doyle *** Some solid defending kept the Pars at bay.


ALAN KERNAGHAN - "We got our a***s spanked in the first half, just due to stupid mistakes. We gave the ball away in silly areas and got punished for it.

"We started quite lively and then fell away from there. In the second half they have taken their foot of the pedal and were cruising really, but at least we made a bit of a game of it.

"I'm pleased with my players' effort in a physical way but we have a lot to learn yet.

"Jimmy and Mark probably could have played but we have got other fish to fry and that was the reason they didn't play. Gilhaney and Doyle came on and did ok and got another bit of experience. Keogh and Halliwell also got 90 minutes so it was a good exercise in that respect.

"I didn't see the penalty incident but some of the boys are saying that the foul maybe started outside the area. The ref gave it however and we've got no complaints.

"Colin Marshall has bags of ability and there's a lot more to come from him yet."

JIMMY CALDERWOOD - "It was a great performance considering we were missing six first team players. It was never going to be easy as Clyde are flying in the First Division.

"We started the game strongly and got the break with the penalty and the lad being sent off and then finished the match in the first half. We took it a bit too easy in the second half but all credit to Clyde they kept battling away.

"If someone had said to me before the game that we would win 3-0 I would have been well pleased."