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Clyde 2 v 2 Ross County

Match Type: Scottish Championship
Venue: Broadwood Stadium
Date: Saturday, 4th October 2003
Kick Off: 3:00pm
Attendance: 1,056
Referee: K Clark
Ross County


Clyde   Ross County
(29) McConalogue Rankin (22)
O.G. (90) McCunnie O'Donnell (31)

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Clyde   Ross County
Halliwell Stewart
Potter Malcolm
Mensing Robertson
Kernaghan McCulloch
(52) Gibson Higgins (69)
Ross O'Donnell
McGroarty McCunnie
Millen Rankin
(67) Keogh Mackay
(67) Gilhaney Winters (75)
McConalogue McGarry (57)
(67) Harty Tait
Morrison Fridge
(67) Smith Cowie (57)
(52) Fraser Bayne (75)
Doyle Hamilton (69)

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by Alan Henderson

In the end Clyde grabbed a very unlikely looking point through sheer persistence. There is no doubt that the confidence has evaporated from our once tight defence and the midfield is struggling badly to make room for itself and get the ball forward at pace. Maybe the good fortune at the end of this game is an indication that the tide has turned.

Alan Kernaghan had promised changes and Keogh returned to centre forward with Harty on the bench. Otherwise the only changes were Gibson replaced Fraser in central midfield and neither Hagen or McLaughlin made line up at all. Clyde began with a familiar 3-4-3 formation that County would soon exploit with their pace.

Clyde began well enough with Jack Ross in particular being very prominent down the right. Keogh had the ball in the net after about 10 mins but was ruled offside. County looked very confident on the break and both Potter and Mensing were getting turned too easily for comfort. Clyde's passing out of defence was awful often caused alarm. County then made the breakthrough from a corner after 22 mins. Kernaghan headed the ball to the corner of the box but Rankin found time and space to pick his spot and rifle the ball past Halliwell. The heads went down and County carved out several more chances as Clyde were being stretched at the back. Clyde dug in though and McConalogue scored after 30 mins. A cross was challenged for by Millen and the County keeper with the ball falling to McConalogue who stroked the ball into the net from about 16 yards. Back in the game Clyde looked confident but some suicidal passing gave County the lead soon after. Clyde, as they did for most of the game, tapped the ball to the side and back giving County ample time to close them down. A crazy pass into the centre of the park by Potter was won by a County player and O'Donnell was sent in on goal. His first shot cannoned off Halliwell's chest but he regained possession and found the net with his second shot. Clyde again responded and Keogh should have done better than blaze the ball over from 10 yards out. Andy Millen also found himself onside but could only lob a weak header into the arms of the keeper. County had a few more chances on the break but couldn't add to their lead.

Typically Clyde made no changes at the interval but only waited 5 mins before Fraser replaced Gibson in the middle. McConalogue nearly grabbed a second goal early on but his flick near the post was scrambled away by the keeper. County had set out their stall not to concede and Clyde had plenty of possession but little idea on how to break down the opposition. McConalogue had another good dig from the edge of the box but again the keeper was up to the task. Clyde simply couldn't get the ball forward quickly enough and their pedestrian style was being easily snuffed out by the County defence. Gilhaney was trying his best but found little support from those around him. Midway through the half Clyde rung the changes replacing Keogh and Gilhaney with Harty and Smith. Harty fashioned a chance for himself but again the County keeper was able to tip the ball over. Too often the ball was ending up at the feet of Potter and he was having to try and make a telling pass. He's a good stopper but never a playmaker. County nearly snatched a third goal near the end with an attempt shaving the post but it was Clyde who made an impact in unlikely circumstances. With seconds remaining Ross sent in an anaemic-looking cross. It looked for all the world that it was going behind or into the side-netting. The County defender could have booted it anywhere but he sliced it and it ended up in the net. There was hardly time to restart the game and Clyde had snatched a point.

We got lucky but maybe County should have pressed home their advantage as they certainly had Potter, Mensing and Kernaghan on toast at times. Clyde's passing out of defence was terrible with Potter and Mensing being the main culprits. The pedestrian build up also allows opposition defences to prepare and Clyde struggle badly. Confidence needs rebuilt and a clean sheet wouldn't go amiss either.


Halliwell *** Not much to do especially in the second half.
Potter ** Terrible passing let him down.
Mensing ** Not up to standard.
Kernaghan *** Held his own down the middle.
Gibson ** Struggled to find his men.
Ross *** Plenty of effort but little product.
McGroarty ** Again the odd flash but fades away.
Millen *** Stuck in as you expect but created very little.
Keogh *** Reasonable return to action.
Gilhaney *** Twisted and turned to good effect and unlucky to be subbed.
McConalogue *** Fast becoming Clyde's main striker.

Fraser ** Little chance to shine in a troubled midfield.
Harty ** At least made a couple of chances for himself.
Smith ** No doubting his enthusiasm but seems to offer little else.


ALAN KERNAGHAN - "We didn't really play well today although we did dominate the majority of the second half and it was nice to get a wee break. Ian Harty had our only real clear cut chance though. We had lots of balls into the box but nothing that anybody could get on the end of. That's been our achilles heel all season; we haven't had anybody on a regular basis that has got on the end of these.

"We looked ropey in the first 15 or 20 minutes playing 3 on 3 at the back. They did quite well on the break but even then we created 2 or 3 good chances, Pat Keogh especially. I think he tried to take the leather off it rather than using a wee bit of composure.

"Mark McLaughlin and David Hagen were both ill today."

"Overall, not what we're used to doing and not what the fans are used to seeing which is hugely frustrating for all concerned. You've got to take the good with the bad and it's up to us to get back to what we know we can do. The results today again show that everything is open for you.

"We've got something out of a game that, as time went on, we thought we weren't going to so we'll take something from that. Now we have to get the bit between our teeth and try and string a few results together."

ALEX SMITH - "I thought it was time up when the equaliser went in but the match finishes when the referee blows his whistle. It was disappointing to lose a goal in that manner but that's football.

"I thought we played some excellent stuff in the first half and created some very good chances. It was good passing football.

"Clyde had a lot of pressure in the second half but I didn't really think we look threatened at any stage. We defended too deeply and should have used the ball better. It's a style of football that I don't like. Credit to them for sticking at it though."