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Clyde Football Club: Disabled Supporters Policy

Clyde Football Club ("The Club") is aware of its responsibilities in relation to the Equality Act. This policy describes how the Club accommodates disabled supporters attending its home matches at Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld.

For the purpose of this policy, the definition of a disabled supporter is "any person who, because of their disability or impairment, is unable to use ordinary stand seating without contravening Health and Safety Regulations, guidelines or policy. Any such persons will be considered for use of the special provision areas of the stadium in line with the procedures set out in this policy".
Such persons may fall into one of the following six categories:

  • largely dependent on using wheelchairs for their daily activities
  • suffering from hearing loss
  • suffering a visual impairment
  • with learning difficulties
  • with ambulatory disabilities
  • with physically restricting medical conditions
  • older people who are infirm and who have mobility difficulties

Wheelchair Dependent Supporters

There is a total of fifty-eight dedicated spaces in two of the three stands at Broadwood Stadium for wheelchair-using supporters and their carers as follows:

  • Main Stand: Seventeen wheelchairs and thirteen carers.
  • West Stand: Fourteen wheelchairs and fourteen carers.

All the spaces are situated at ground level and can be accessed by manned gates in each of the these two stands. Access to the Main and West stands is specifically sign-posted.

There are two disabled toilets situated at ground level in each of the Main and West Stands. There is another toilet for wheelchair users situated on the second floor and is convenient for the main hospitality suite.

Please note Clyde FC's published admission prices or season ticket packages apply to supporters in wheelchairs and one carer per wheelchair user, will be admitted to Clyde FC home matches free of charge.

Outside the Main Stand, there are twenty clearly signed car parking spaces set aside for disabled supporters. In the West Stand car park a number of spaces can be made available for the exclusive use of disabled supporters. At both stands these places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
All set aside areas have convenient ground-level concourse refreshment facilities.

Hearing Impaired Supporters

Audio commentary facilities are provided on match days for hearing impaired spectators.

Visually Impaired Supporters

Supporters with impaired sight are accommodated in ordinary stand seating within Broadwood Stadium. Clyde Football Club recommends that each visually impaired person attending a match at Broadwood Stadium should be accompanied by a person who is fully able to support their needs in the event of an emergency. Audio commentary facilities are provided on match days for visually impaired spectators.

Visually impaired people wishing to attend a Clyde match should contact General Manager John Taylor by email to [email protected] for all relevant information, including the provision of audio commentary.

Supporters with Learning Difficulties

Supporters with learning difficulties can be accommodated in the stadium by various means but it is the usual practice for them to use ordinary stand seating. If, for whatever reason, any person with a learning difficulty feels that ordinary stand seating would be unsuitable for them, or they wish to be accompanied to, during and from the match, they should contact Clyde Football Club for further information and advice.

Please note Clyde FC's published admission prices or season ticket packages apply to supporters with learning difficulties.

Ambulatory Disabled Supporters

Some people who attend Clyde matches at Broadwood Stadium use wheelchairs mainly for outdoor mobility purposes but are not necessarily confined to their wheelchair. There are also many people who have severe walking difficulties who may wish to attend a match at Broadwood Stadium. For the purposes of this policy, both categories of people will be termed 'ambulatory disabled supporters'.

Supporters with ambulatory disabilities of a severe nature will be allocated seats in parts of the Stadium with the easiest access. These arrangements will be implemented on an individual basis and each supporter's needs will be assessed from information provided, in advance of a match, to Clyde Football Club.

Please note Clyde FC's published admission prices or season ticket packages apply to supporters with ambulatory disabilities

Supporters with Physically Restricting Medical Conditions

Supporters with physically restricting medical conditions, who may have difficulty reaching seats in some parts of the Stadium, should advise Clyde Football Club, in advance of a match, and arrangements will be made to ensure an easily accessible area of Broadwood Stadium is reserved.

Please note that Clyde FC's published admission prices or season ticket packages apply to supporters with restricting medical conditions.

Elderly Supporters who are Infirm

Clyde Football Club greatly appreciates the number of elderly, life-long supporters who continue to attend matches at Broadwood Stadium, many of whom travel from Glasgow and Rutherglen. It is the Club's desire that they continue to enjoy watching Clyde. With this in mind, those elderly supporters suffering from an infirmity which prevents them climbing large numbers of steps* are encouraged to request a seat in the most accessible part of the Stadium.

Please note that Clyde FC's published admission prices or season ticket packages apply to supporters with restricting medical conditions.


There is a lift in the Main Stand, situated behind the reception area.

Liaison with Clyde F.C. and Security Staff

Clyde supporters and visiting fans to Broadwood who have disabilities are encouraged to make themselves known to the nearest member of staff or steward and make either aware of any special needs/requirements.

Review of this Policy

Clyde Football Club wishes to build on this policy, which is under regular review. With this in mind, the Club encourages any person or organisation to contact the Club with their comments or queries which may be included in the Club's Disabled Supporters Policy Annual Action Plan. The club has engaged with a Third Sector Organisation East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action to review its Access Report on an annual basis.

Policy last reviewed 24th June 2021

Gerard McGeachy
Disability Access Officer
[email protected]
01236 341711
Clyde Football Club
1 Ardgoil Drive
G68 9NE