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The Bully Wee Fund

The Bully Wee Fund allows supporters to contribute directly to Clyde's first team and also enter regular draws, usually at home matches, to win a significant cash prize. It has the specific purpose of increasing the player budget available to the management team.

The venture runs on the basis of a 50-50 split of the total funds collected, with 26 prize draws taking place throughout the year.

The cash prize available will be based on the number of subscribers, so will increase in line with the number of subscribers at the time of each draw. For instance, 250 subscribers would generate a prize of £1,250.

How it works

  • The cost is £5 per week for the 52-week calendar year, starting in July
  • The method of payment is GoCardless, which has a simple sign-up procedure as below. Payment will be taken on a Friday.
  • A personal draw number will be allocated to each subscriber
  • The next draw prize amount will be visible on the website homepage and in each match preview
  • A draw will take place pitchside at half-time at every home match (league, cup ties and play-offs). The winning entrant will be announced immediately via the tannoy and later on the website
  • If the minimum of 26 prize draws is not reached during the football season, additional draws will take place during the pre-season period
  • Entrants can sign up for multiple plays (up to 5 per person) - anyone wishing to take multiple plays should contact [email protected] to confirm the number.

How to subscribe

To join, visit the dedicated Clyde FC GoCardless page for a quick and simple payment authorisation process.

Payments will commence on the first Friday in July, or the first Friday after submitting your details.