Lottery Results - Clyde Football Club

Clyde Lottery Results

Drawn on Wed, 15th October 2014

There was no jackpot winner but 19 people shared the 500 second prize, each winning 26.31.

The second prize winners were:-

J. Hope (FG1) c/o Old Oak
J. Wright (FG1) c/o Rowantree Inn
D. McEntee (GN7) c/o Press Bar
A. Morrison (GN7) c/o Kelowna BC
B. Smith (GN11) c/o Smiths Hotel x 2
G. Troy (JW5) East Kilbride
W. Brackenridge (JW14) c/o Weavers
E. Campbell (Online) Kings Park
J. Glass (Online) Condorrat
D. Swan (Online) York
D. Paterson (SM2) Bridgeton
E. Steel (SM2) Rutherglen
R. Graham (SM5) Ibrox
M. Coyle (SM9) Burnside
M. Dempster (SM9) c/o Victoria Bar
D. Hardie (SM9) Rutherglen
W. Stewart (SM9) c/o Victoria Bar
S. Chisholm (TA1) Seafar

P. McMahan (JW14) Condorrat, won two free tickets to a Clyde home league game of his/her choice.

The 22nd October draw, to be held at Rutherglen Town Centre, will be for a record 20,000! You can instantly enter by playing online... click on the link on the right of this page!