Clyde FC CIC Owner Registration

Clyde FC has gone back to where it began in the 1870s, as a sports club owned by its supporters and dedicated to working within its community. That step into history is your opportunity to take the club forward.

The move away from the limited company format after over 100 years folds the Supporters' Trust and Clyde FC into one body, genuinely giving supporters true ownership of their football club as never before.

Now, as a Owner of Clyde CIC you will have a meaningful say in the running of Clyde FC.

That's because:

  • You have a vote and as every Owner's vote is equal, your vote really counts
  • You will actually be part of the democratic process that adopts club policy
  • The articles of association guarantee transparency and accountability in the running of the club
  • More than ever before this is your club.

Adopting the CIC format has a proven and successful track record elsewhere. Germany's Bundesliga - with powerhouse clubs such as Bayern Munich, Schalke and Eintracht Frankfurt - have used the one-owner-one-vote system for years with outstanding success. There is no club in administration or burdened with crippling debt in the German top flight but there are full stadia, cheap admission prices and regular European success.

Clyde FC, Community Interest Club is a new start for the club we all support and a unique opportunity for you to become a part of its next chapter, by joining up and guiding it to greater things on the pitch and to becoming the major focus of the community's sporting life.

As a single structure it is feasible that Ownership will also include add-ons concerning both website Ownership and Fanzone entry. This development is likely to be finalised at the end of June for the former and just prior to next season regards the latter, thus increasing the value and benefit to your Ownership.

Application forms were circulated last week to all adult season ticket holders, Trust Owners, executive Owners and to various previous stakeholders of the club. Equally these forms will be readily obtainable from the wall mounted information boxes situated on all stairwells of the Main Stand at Broadwood.

You can also now download both the CIC application form and the Direct Debit mandate (should you elect to pay by that method) via the following links:-

• CIC application form 
• Direct Debit mandate

Alternatively, visit the new page at the online shop where you can instantly purchase a Ownership using credit/debit card or Paypal*.

Equality at all times.

* Prices include a 2% surcharge